s e r v i c e s
Fresh Face Loftique services include Facials, Body Treatments, Makeup and Waxing.

f a c i a l s  $ 8 0 +

Fresh Face Loftique facials are all customized exclusively to the client’s skin.  As professional skin care experts, your esthetician will include the appropriate cleanser, toner, detailed skin analysis, exfoliant, mask, massage and moisturizer.  Each customized facial is designed to balance the skin and leave it feeling clean, fresh and glowing!  

p e e l s  $ 6 0 +

All Fresh Face facial peels are designed to remove dead skin cells and accelerate cellular turnover.  Peels are beneficial for hyper-pigmentation (brown sun spots) and to even out color and texture of the skin.  Your skin care expert will discuss the most appropriate peel for your skin type.  

b o d y  t r e a t m e n t s  $ 5 0 + 

All body treatments are essential for the health of the skin and body.  All body treatments are offered as single treatments and as a series of 6 treatments over a 5 week period (recommended) for optimal results.  All body treatments include full body exfoliation, body wrap and customized moisturizer. 

w a r m   r e m i n e r a l i z i n g 
s e a w a t e r   w r a p  $ 7 5 + 

An essential treatment for relaxation and stress relief.  This full body treatment revitalizes and hydrates the skin while you relax in the warmth of seawater and its healing trace elements and minerals.  Excellent for pregnancy and stress-relief.  Also includes a scalp massage. 

w a x i n g  

Brow $20Lip $15Chin $15 
Full Face $45Underarm $25 
Full-arm wax $40 
Bikini wax $40+ 
Back wax $50+ 
Lash Tint (black only) $20
Brow Tinting $20
Brow and Lash Tinting $35

m a s s a g e a n d n a i l c a r e ​​
Fresh Face Loftique now offers both nail care and massage from highly skilled and highly trained practitioners of professional massage and body work. All therapists are licensed CMTs.  

m o d a l i t i e s 
deep tissue
hot stone therapy
sports massage

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